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The Spectacular Now

  • R
  • 2013
  • 96 Minutes

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With sly humor and an intensity of feeling, THE SPECTACULAR NOW creates a vivid, three- dimensional portrait of youth confronting the funny, thrilling and perilous business of modern love and adulthood. This is the tale of Sutter Keely (Miles Teller), a high school senior and effortless charmer, and of how he unexpectedly falls in love with "the good girl" Aimee Finecky (Shailene Woodley).

James Ponsoldt

Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley

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    1 response

    I haven’t seen this yet, but I heard Shailene Woodley didn’t wear any makeup while filming, to keep the feel of the movie as honest and close to real world high school as a possible. That intrigues me enough to save this for later.

    Nichole CelauroReply to this comment

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      2 responses

      She was amazing in it.  Her acting was also completely free of makeup!  As was Miles Teller’s.  It’s really a pretty incredible feat the way they stripped off all artifice and made something completely authentic yet still engaging enough for the MTV generation.

      Marc ErlbaumReply to this comment

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    3 responses

    So many of our decisions in life depend on our self-image and self-worth.  Interestingly, the movie ends far more optimistically than the book.  Do you believe that people get what they deserve, or that they get what they believe they deserve?

    MarcReply to this comment

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