• Inception

    I'm pretty sure this is one of those movies you have to watch repeatedly to let it all sink in, and to truly understand everything that's happening. I've only watched it once, and although I found it fascinating, it didn't leave me with a lasting impression. If I rewatch it, I'm sure I'd feel differently -- maybe not in a positive way, but differently, nonetheless. Have others seen it multiple times?

  • Back to the Future

    Unless it was after I met my wonderful wife, I would not change anything. Otherwise, too many things would have been affected, and we never would have met. But if I had the chance to change a moment in my career, I probably would have. Although successful and currently happy in my career, if I would have switched direction at a particular moment, I may have not felt today that I missed my true calling. But maybe it's still on the way. Maybe I didn't really miss it, and just haven't met that moment yet... The fantasy of BTTF implies that changing the past for the better (even unknowingly) would make the future better as well. A nice fantasy, but very simplistic. Always loved the movie(s) anyway.

  • Amélie

    I did not realize the connection between "Amelie" and "ameliorate." I like that. I'm very surprised that this was rejected by Cannes. Stunned, actually. It's so special. I love this movie.

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